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General Biocide Raw Materials
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Natural Magic Water
Natural Cosmetic Ingredients
Antimicrobial Treated Materials
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Latex, Paint Biocides
Antifouling Biocides
Water Treatment Biocides
Bamboo, Wood Preservatives
Metal Working Fluid Biocides
About B&J Life Technologies Inc.

B&J has developed and manufactured a wide range of antimicrobial products with the best service and knowledge to our customers; we have combined the decades of USA technologies in manufacturing special biocides and antimicrobial products for safe and economical use in the global market.


B&J’s core technologies are Natural Biocides, Industrial Preservative, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide and Organic Silver Complex, please visit our website at


B&J can offer you the right biocide for your specific requirements and guarantee you to get the biocides adjusted to your local environment for a long lasting protection.


B&J’s antimicrobial products are widely used in Cosmetic, Personal Care, Textile, Plastic, Leather, Paint, Wood Treatment, Water Treatment, etc; we currently have hundreds of antimicrobial products on the global market.

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